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Titanic: The Experience

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They said the Titanic was unsinkable but they were wrong.

Experience the Titanic in all of it's glory, witness the iceberg collision, the sinking and escape! Set foot on the most famous ocean liner.

Relive that fateful day on April 14th 1912 when the largest and most luxurious ocean liner struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. They said the Titanic was unsinkable, but they were wrong. Experience what it was like on that cold and dark night. You are put into the shoes of a passenger on the Titanic, and will witness first-hand the collision with the iceberg and the sinking of the RMS Titanic. This experience provides breathtaking visuals of Titanic's last moments, including the ocean liner breaking in two pieces. The game focuses on a simulation experience of the Titanic.

The simulation also includes interior area exploration, including Titanic's D-deck, the first class Pool room and Marconi room.

Titanic: The Experience provides the ultimate Titanic simulation.


Titanic: The Experience Titanic: The Experience
Titanic: The Experience
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