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Glitch Arena

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Glitch, a fast and minimal arena first person shooter.

Influenced by Quake and Unreal Tournament, Glitch is a classic old school shooter designed to encapsulate what makes AFPS great, and leave out what doesn't.

Gamemodes include duel, DM, TDM, Hoonymode and the new CTB (capture the balls, an evolution of CTF).

The focus is on gameplay and content instead of high fidelity details. Movement is non-linear, with an initial flick-dodge, step jumping (aka double jumping) and speed building via 'glitching'™. Air control is medium-high and autojumping is a thing. Weapons are the "holy trinity" plus a shotgun starting weapon, and the ability to combo a rocket with rail. Maps are iconic archetypes of the genre. Hitsounds and hitmarkers on the way. Learn the game with HUD item timers.

Is this a dead game? Of course it's a dead game! It was designed to by played by 2-4 people: you and a friend or three. If you are looking for games with random people on the internet, this is not for you. You don't need a thousand concurrent players for a good time.

If you really love AFPS or want to try something new, grab a copy and join us in discord to find an opponent (linked from the game homescreen).


Glitch Arena Glitch Arena
Glitch Arena
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